Every day is different. And so are you. Sometimes you’re brave, on other days your emotions take the lead. At times, you feel torn, loved, wild, free or lonely. But there’s always someone by your side – cause good bags stay with you for years. They are your silent friend, full of stories, they are your constant companion. But most of all, they are good company.


Miss Perfect – I would have chosen you. To me you are one in a million, once in a lifetime. You fulfill all my wishes and you stick with me, whatever happens. I dreamt about you a lot, when I was younger and since then I was on a quest to find you. Now, that I’ve finally found you, I will never let go. Ever. I have never seen anything like you. It’s crazy, but it’s true! Crazy like you!


It’s before sunrise. The alarm pulled me out of my dreams, no chance of snoozing. Today is the day. While driving, the pitch black sky slowly turns to grey, blue, a spectrum of reds. An amazing wonder right in front of my eyes. I missed it far too often, due to daily routines. But I’m right there, in the midst of it. I pour fresh coffee in my cup, watch the trees sway softly from side to side. Dancing to the sound of nature’s great awakening.


With you I am me.


She looks at me with her shining eyes. My knees are weak again. Is there such a thing as a soul mate out there? Last night I dreamt of touching her soft ivory-colored skin. I can only think of her. She haunts my thoughts day and night. Flash lights go off, when I think of her. And there she is. Right in front of me. Dancing as if there’s no tomorrow. Her golden hair sparkles. And I take a deep breath. And walk towards her, like she’s a magnet. Tonight’s my lucky night.


Nine to five, they say. 24 / 7 I reply. My brain is always on the run and so am I. I want to think, to create, to communicate. Ideas flipping through my mind and all I see is the bigger picture, I hold everything together. My head is in the clouds while my feet climb the career ladder. Now I’m in the middle of it all. Long-distance flights, international calls, demanding E-Mails, red dots everywhere – they appeal to me, make me complete. A voluntary workaholic.